I think I was bitten by a spider on my hand. It has been three days. My hand has pitting when I push on it and it hurts. Now the reddest has come to one spot on my hand but my hand is still swollen. I have taken antibiotics and beyengal. No doctors.

You . You should see a doctor. The most likely consequence at this point of the spider bite is an allergic type reaction and/or an infection. Sometimes they are hard to tell apart and they can co-exist. So see a doctor. In the meantime, as regards the swelling, try to keep your hand elevated i.E elbow bent hand pointed towards the ceiling. Best of luck.
Go . Go see someone, there are several different types of bites, most commonly a brown recluse spider that needs additional treatment. You may have necrotic ( dead) skin and tissue just below the surface that can be infected easily leading to more issues. While many bites do not lead to this amount of severe problems, the bite that get worse a few days ater is something to be concerned about. Special topical medications, surgery and prolonged treatment for a wider bigger area of skin and tissue necrosis ( translate skin and soft tissue death) can result if this progresses. That being said, not all spider bites are brown recluse bites but if it is not getting better, its better to be evaluated.