In the last year I've been seeing blood on the toilet paper after I've used it and in the last week its gotten a lot worse to the extent it covers the paper and I can actually see blood in the water and my lower back pain has gotten worse

See a doctor. Blood in the stools can range from relatively benign to quite serious. Get checked out.
Blood . Blood on the toilet paper or in the bowl but not mixed in with stool is often caused by hemorrhoids. If there is blood mixed with the stool, that indicates that the source of blood is higher in the intestine. Even if the problem is "just" hemorrhoids, the fact that you've been bleeding for a year and more recently suggests that you should be treated. The fact that you also have back pain that's getting worse may be completely unrelated, but then again could reflect some other process in the intestine that's causing both the bleeding and the pain. I would recommend that you start using stool softeners and a hemorrhoid cream now, and also make an appointment for colonoscopy.