If I have pulmonic stenosis as a baby, what are the chances that my child will as well?

The chances are low. The risk of a mother with congenital heart disease giving birth to a child with congenital heart disease is greater than the for a mother who does not have congenital heart disease, but still only a few percent. The defect in the child is often not the same as the mother. The exception would be syndromes that have known associations with congenital heart disease where the risk is much higher.
Rare. The risk of anyone with any form of chd having an affected baby is about 4% (for any form of chd) if both paarents have any form of chd, their risk doubles to 8%.Any pregnancy has a basic 4% risk of some unexpected outcome, like a cleft palate, prematurity or illness & this must be added to your chd risk.Discussions of your risk can be defined by a genetic counselor, ofthe found at children's hosps.