Tylenol codeine. I was in the ER last night, I have acute paryntis, they prescribe tylenol codeine. It says 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours, I took two last night on the way home about 12:30 am, one this morning at about 11 am...Another about 5pm, and a third b

You . You referred to feeling "paranoid". I am not sure if you are using the term loosely to refer to feeling apprehensive about the size of your pupils and your breathing. If you are using the term paranoid literally, then it may be helpful to know that feelings of paranoia can be a side effect of Codeine use.
Since . Since you posted your question a week ago, you've no doubt addressed this issue by now. Your use of this medication was well within the prescription guidelines. Indeed, you could have taken it as prescribed (2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours), and you would have done fine, although you might have been more sleepy. Even small doses of narcotics (such as codeine) will make your pupils constrict. This is not a sign of overdose or an adverse reaction. As for your shallow breathing, the small doses of Codeine you were taking would not have affected your breathing to any extent. I hope that helps lay your concerns to rest, and i hope you're feeling better!