I am scared I have liver cancer or tumor? I have been feeling weird for 3 years like disoriented and just not right and uncomfortable, well I got a blood test and it say my liver count is 75 which is slightly high, I am panicing because I have to get an u

Do not panic. I don't know what liver count you are talking about. I suspect you do not have cancer since your symptoms have been going on for 3 years. Talk with your doctor about how you can rule this out with blood tests (afp, afpl3%, dcp) and imaging (ultrasound or ct or mri).
I'm. I'm not sure what liver value you're referring to. A routine liver test includes six or seven tests, and a more detailed liver study might include another 4 or so. Of these, several might be considered high at a level of 75, but what they mean when they're high differs greatly. An ultrasound of the liver is a pretty simple and totally painless way to get a quick overview of what's going on. It might show anything from gallstones or an increased level of fat in the liver to a tumor of some kind (many of which are completely benign). If you can provide a bit more information about the tests in question, maybe I can give a more helpful response.