I had two C-section n want to have my third baby natural is that possible for me to have one. One doctor told me is not n another told me I can have it natural can u please let me know whose right on this. What about me having a midwives.

Missing info. We do not know if your pelvic structure would be suitable for a vaginal delivery; or the position you baby will be when in labor (head down, butt first or transverse). We do not know how big baby would be. If you try to do this at home or with just a midwife you are asking for a disaster. Vaginal birth after CS is sometimes possible but safe only when the team is ready to switch to CS if needed.
Potentially . Potentially possible. 1.You will need to find a physician and a facility willing to do this. 2. If that can be accomplished, you need to see if you are a good candidate. 3. If your physician thinks you are a good candidate you then need to have a trial of labor. Chances of success are about 50%, the risk of uterine rupture (scar separation) during labor increases with each previous c-section. For this reason many facilities and physicians are severely limiting or in some cases not providing this service. We still do some in encinitas under certain circumstances but many women will choose a repeat c-section. Good luck with your birth!