Could I have contracted genital herpes? I had a sexual encounter about two weeks ago who I am now told by a third party has herpes. We did not have sex, but she did perform oral on me, and although I did not perform oral on her, I did finger her and lick

Probably no risk. If your partner has genital herpes, you were not at risk: most people with genital herpes do not have simultaneous oral herpes, so no risk from oral sex. If she has oral herpes and had an outbreak at the time, you could be at risk. However, half of all adults have had type 1 HSV (often since childhood) and are immune to new infections with HSV1. Fingering is no risk for catching genital herpes.
If . If the doctor that prescribed you a z-pack examined your throat he/she would have likely seen herpetic lesions. Did you tell him/her of your encounter, was a throat and herpes culture done? This would have been key to making a diagnosis. If not you can recommend a blood test for herpes. This can give you information about previous exposure to herpes (type 1 or 2) however you will never know when you contracted it. Some people have been exposed to heres in their life and have never had an outbreak. If you in fact contracted herpes while performing oral sex you are at risk for developing herpes lesions on your lips (cold sores) or more worrisome on your throat. If you get a recurrence of your throat symptoms or feel like something is there, see your doctor at once. Also i recommend you get a complete std work up. Take care and always protect yourself.