How long do I have to wait to breastfeed my baby, if I'm drinking cold medication? My baby is 5 month old, and I have a really bad cold. I want to drink cold medication, and giving him formula, but don't know how long do I have to wait before, breastfeed

Breastfeeding. You can have cold medicines and breast feed your baby .
It . It depends on the cold medication you are taking. The other warning I have to give you is that many cold medicines are designed to dry up your secretions. This is good for a runny nose, but bad for breast feeding since they will also dry up your milk a bit. You may want to call your ob/gyne or your child's pediatrician to discuss what medications are best for you to take while breast feeding. Or you may want to avoid medication all together and use other remedies such as hot tea/broth, honey, and a humidifier. Good luck!