How can my anxiety cause me to have a heart murmur? Lately, I have really noticed my heart beat goes into groups of three or more. I haven't really been experiencing anything out of the ordinary because of this. I am just really worried and I know my pare

When . When you feel your heart beating in groups of three, you may have a minor arrhythmia called trigeminy. With this condition every third heart beat is a premature beat. After the skipped beat there is typically a brief pause and then the normal heart beats begin again. Most of the time these heart beats are benign and are not a marker of anything serious. Factors that might increase these irregular heart beats include stress, caffeine, alcohol, lack of sleep, cold/viruses, or any other physical or emotional stress. If your heart were to start racing for an extended period of time, or if the irregular heart beats were associated with difficulty breathing, lightheadedness or chest discomfort i would recommend you contact your doctor. Otherwise it sounds like no further evaluation or treatment is needed.