How to cure bad breath? Hi, I'm 19yo male and I suffer from unbearable life changing twenty four hour bad breath. Its really effected my life in a negative way. I've always been a really clean person. I brush 6 times a day minimum and I always brush after

If . If you brush your teeth six times a day for ten minutes each time, that could be excessive. This is especially true if you are not using a "soft" toothbrush and if you are applying very much pressure to the toothbrush. You could be abrading the enamel of your teeth. Although that might not be a problem at age 19, it could be an issue as you grow older. The tongue and gums can also be a source of bad breath. If you are not flossing daily, please consider this as well as use of a tongue scraper. But don't be excessive with either of those. Just rinsing your mouth with water after eating is a help in and of itself. If you are really concerned about your breath, strongly consider not smoking. You might also get the lump on the left side of your throat evaluated. Good luck with this.
I'm . I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with bad breath. Halitosis (bad breath) can be caused by a number of conditions, but it usually arises from dental problems (cavities, gum disease, or periodontal disease) or respiratory infections, such as sinusitis (your mucous drainage and throat lump could be indications of such an infection). Smoking is a common cause of bad breath, too. My recommendations are as follows: stop smoking. If you haven't seen your dentist recently, i would urge you to do so. You may have a buildup of plaque that's causing your bad breath. If you're not flossing once daily, that's a habit that can help prevent dental problems and alleviate bad breath. If your dentist gives you a clean bill of health, see your doctor to determine if you have a sinus infection or some other condition that's causing your bad breath. I've attached a link that might interest you. I hope things improve soon! http://medicalcenter.Osu.Edu/patientcare/healthcare_services/dental_care/halitosis/pages/index.Aspx.