Having bad pains in my stomach want let me sleep at night, sometime I can lay on my stomach pain will stop for 3 to 5 mins. Hurt tried drinking milk, heat pad, taking zantex 150. This may help for approx 30 min. And start hurting again. Sometime I will ne

You . You need a medical work up for abdominal pain. Go to your local county hosital or do a simple internet search for a low to no cost community clinic in your area. Honestly this kind of pain should not be ignored regardless of your insurance status. Whatever i recommend you try at home is not sufficient. In the meantime while you are arranging your medical visit try over the counter prilosec. I don't want to recommend any pain relievers until you make sure your liver and kidney function are ok, in addition if you have an ulcer or gastritis this will make it worse. Please seek medical attention right away. Best of luck.