My 9 year is 20/300 in right eye and 20/20 in left. Will contact lenses help with reading problems? My 9 year is 20/300 in right eye and 20/20 in left. About 3 years age is when I first found out that he was almost blind in his right eye the optic said th

It . It sounds like your child has some degree of amblyopia which will limit the ultimate visual function of the eye. Correcting any of the focusing issues (farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism) with glasses or contacts is important, as well as the patching treatments. There are a number of excellent ophthalmologists in fresno. I gave a lecture there last year and i was impressed with the ophthalmologists i met. Go to www.Aao.Org and click on the "find an eyemd" link and type in fresno as the city. Also note that time is of the essence here -- the sooner you treat amblyopia, the better.
It . It sounds like you child has amblyopia (lazy eye) possibly anisometropic (differing glasses prescription between his eyes). Patching and correction of the difference in prescription either with glasses or contact lenses is a must. I would be sure to have your kiddo seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist to be sure you are doing everything you can to maximize your child's lazy eye visual development.