I having swelling on my eyelid, how can I make it go down? I think it was from scratching this bug bite I have on my cheek I'm not sure

Swelling . Swelling is typically due to inflammation and inflammation can result from injuries, infections, allergies and "just because" (also called idiopathic). It helps to understand the underlying cause, if possible but treatments for inflammation include: cool/cold compresses, elevation of the affected body part (sleeping on a couple pillows or in a recliner in this case), antibiotics for infections, anti-histamines for allergies and anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, naprosyn (naproxen) or prednisone. You should see your ophthalmologist to be evaluated since it is difficult to make a diagnosis without seeing you.
There . There are many types of swelling in the eyelid. If itchy and allergic, cold compresses work well. If it is a stopped up gland in the lid---warm soaks are the treatment. If it persists, i would see an ophthalmologist to figure out what is best.
Swelling . Swelling is often due to inflammation. Cold compress will help lessen the swelling. However, if you have been scratching a bug bite then it maybe infected. In that case you will need an antibiotic. It should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist.