Is it common to misdiagnose syphilis? Is it normal to not do a bloodtest for this condition? My husband has a rash all over his body. Some spots remind me of chickenpox. The doc didn't do any tests he simply looked at him, said he has an std (we have been

Blood test needed. The rash sounds like the secondary stage of syphilis. New HIV also might be possible. I suspect some information is missing. Are you sure your husband is giving you the full story? Syphilis or HIV can't be diagnosed by exam alone; a blood test is needed to diagnose and to know the best treatment. You will need to be tested and treated (assuming you and your husband are sexually active together).
Even . Even though this doctor may have seen hundreds of cases of syphilis, it is still necessary to do a blood test to confirm it. Also the treatment requires three shots once a week for three weeks, and it is not very expensive. Your husband should definitely find another doctor and get tested and explain what happened. Also if it is not syphilis a diagnosis needs to be made and appropriate treatment started. It is also probably a good idea for you to be tested as well. You can find many clinics in your area that do free std testing. Best of luck.