I just turned 41. I have 3 boys, youngest is 7. How difficult is it to get pregnant? Any suggestions? I also have 1 fallopian tube removed. My period is just beginning to get questionable. I'm usually every 25 days, but last one was only 17.

Age . Age is the best predictor of your ability to conceive. Your chance is fairly constant around 20% per month until the age of 35. It then goes down slowly until at age 39 it has reached about 10%. By 41 it has dropped to about 5% per month. If you have both ovaries but only 1 tube, then half of the months out of the year you have a markedly decreased chance below even 5%. This is because you tend to alternate which ovary you ovulate on, and when you ovulate on the side with the blocked tube, you are much less likely to get pregnant. In these situations the best thing to do is see a reproductive endocrinologist. They will discuss the option of invitro fertilization (ivf) using your eggs vs. Using donor eggs. Ivf using your eggs has about a 12% chance of a baby based on national data. Donor egg has about a 50 to 60% chance of a baby. Each clinic has their own data so ask for it. Good luck!