Is pro air safe? "i am 6 weeks pregnant and was just given pro air by my primary care dr to help with a dry hacking cough I have had for 2 1/2 week. I saw its concidered class c. Should I stop taking it? "

Class . Class c medications may have some detrimental effects pregnancy or detrimental effects have been demonstrated in animal studies but not confirmed in humans or, the manufacturer designates a medication as class c. Your physician will assess the relative risks and benefits with you to help you decide. Proair is commonly used in pregnancy on a regular basis for those women with asthma. There is a risk to the pregnancy of uncontrolled asthma, so those with asthma should control their disease to optimize the outcome of the pregnancy. It sounds more like you have a bronchitic cough rather than chronic asthma. Even so, an inhaler often helps the bronchospasm associated with a chronic cough.