Witch kind of doctor can help you with a eating disorder eating disorder is binge eating

Therapist. Your best resource will be a counselor or therapist or psychiatrist. They are critical in helping people overcome their eating disorders. Eating disorders typically have several different issues at their core, and often involve self-esteem or feelings of being out of control in their lives. They can be overcome! it is hard, requires a lot of courage and hard work- don't lose hope.
A . A psychiatrist is the best person to talk to about any eating disorders. Binge eating disorder is the most common of all eating disorders. It is usually associated with a negative self-image, shame and disgust. The most successful treatments are those that help your overall well-being in order to reduce your binge eating. Treatments involve psychotherapy, medications and behavioral weight loss programs. Call your primary care doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist they know and trust in your area. Good luck!