They have found blood and white blood cells in my urine but nothing will grow in the lab could it be bladder cancer urineating is very painful and very frequient. Have already taken 7 rounds of antibotics

Hematuria. It's time to stop taking antibiotics and see a urologist for a proper evaluation of blood in the urine. This should include a cystoscopy and one of several possible means of evaluating your ureters and kidneys.
If you are male. And over 50, prostate overgrowth, benign or malignant associated, leads the list. Your symptoms warrant cystoscopy, and that will also view bladder, and upper tracts (ureter/kidney). Bladder cancers are less common than prostate cancer. Your symptoms sound likebladder outlest obstruction.
Bladder . Bladder cancer is not very high on my list of possible diagnoses. Has your doctor ruled out kidney stones? Cystitis(bladder inflammation). If you are female do you have any vaginal discharge? If you are a male have you had your prostate examined?. Also your doctor should consider a ct urogram and cystogram to get a good visualization or your bladder and urinary tract. Also, antibiotics are probably not a good idea fo now. Lastly please request a diabetes screen. Good luck.