What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy? What is it and what does it treat?

Different ailments. Hbot is a form of treatment whereby patients are given 100% oxygen in higher-than-usual atmospheric pressures, in a chamber or vessel fit for human occupation (pvho). The therapy is used for treatment of different ailments, including diabetic wounds, radiation injuries, decompression sickness, and so on. Talk to a hyperbaricist to see if you have a condition that can be treated with hbot.
Hyperbaric . Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot) is the use of oxygen as a medication to treat certain disorders. The theory behind hbot is that the oxygen must be breathed while the body is exposed to pressures higher than sea level pressure. This allows more oxygen to be dissolved in the body's bloodstream. This is different than topical oxygen therapy (topox), which does not operate according to the same principles. One can think of oxygen as being the medication and the hyperbaric oxygen chamber as the pill, or injection, by which you are given the medication. It has been classically used to treat scuba divers who have decompression sickness, but has also been used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning and patients with certain wounds that are not healing because the tissue is not getting enough oxygen. There are many different ways that the body responds to oxygen, and there is not enough space to describe them fully. You can follow this link to the undersea and hyperbaric medicine society for more information regarding the use of hbot.
HBO . Hbo is the use of 100% oxygen at elevated ambient pressures to create supernormal oxygen content in the body. There are 13 medicare approved indications for hbo therapy. You can find out more by visiting the website for uhms (the undersea and hyperbaric medical society). That is the major organization for the specialty. There are no adverse side effects. The risks are associated with the process of decompression at the beginning and decompression at the end of the session. The biggest problem is difficultly "popping" your ears during compression, but this is easily addressed by the hbo technician. They will assess you to see if you have any other risk factors.
Hyperbaric medicine. There are several indications for hyperbaric treatments: some are scuba diving related, some are for rare medical conditions (aspergillosis, for example), and others are found illnesses that we see in a wound center like chronic refractory osteomyelitis, a wagner iii diabetic ulceration, or from specific complications of radiation. In all cases, the high oxygen helps raise the oxygen of the tissue.