I would like to know what may be causing my daily headaches. I have been getting a dull, pulsating headache daily for months now. I am usually unsymptomatic upon waking in the morning. However, almost everyday like clockwork, I feel the headache coming o

I'm . I'm glad that you are seeing a neurologist for your daily headache. Off the top of my head, it sounds as though it could be daily migraine, tension headache, or a withdrawal headache from caffeine or pain medications such as ibuprofen, Naproxen or narcotics. Neurologists tend to be the "headache specialists" and with a careful history, should be able to discern the cause of your headaches. You may want to think about the answers to some of the questions they may ask you such as: - when did it start? - how often do they happen? - are they getting more frequent or more painful? - how long do they last? - what does the headache feel like and can you point to it? - does it occur around the same time at night or does it ever happen during the day? - what other symptoms do you have and when do they occur in regards to the headache? - have you had any big life changes? - how is your lifestyle? Are you getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising? - are you taking any medications? Do you drink caffeine and how much? Answering these questions may help your doctor figure out what is causing your headaches, whether it is a serious problem or not, and how to help you. Good luck!