We live in lower bucks county, pa (bensalem) can anybody recommend a "good" dermatologist for acne? My 20 y/o son is currently seeing our family dr. And has been on doxycycline 100mg bid and minocycline 50mg bid along with topical meds. And he continu

Dermlink. Dermlink.Com is a good way to find local board certified dermatologist in any area of the country. Otherwise ask for a recommendation from your family doctor.
If . If he has scarring acne, he might be a candidate for accutane. It is a controversial medication but very helpful for acne. I don't personally know anyone in the philly area, but would recommend you look for a dermatology group that is focused on medical dermatology (as opposed to cosmetic) as they will likely be experienced in treating many types of patients for acne. I hope that helps. The link below has some more information about accutane.