Swelling/lump in perineum my husband (age 80) has a lump behind his penis in what I believe is the perineum -- it's the area that connects the scrotum to the rest of his body. The lump is fairly large, smooth, and does not hurt. It seems to be tender wh

Here are some ... To see is to believe; so bring him to see a urologist to verify it without a doubt. Further online chat may aggravate more anxiety and fear due to uncertainty although clinically it may be an infected sebaceous cyst. So, bring the info on its onset, duration, evolution, & progress to Doc for analysis + exam with inspection & palpation + tests as needed so to define what it is & how to do with it.
He . He may be dealing with an enlarged lymph node, a tumor (benign or cancerous), or a cyst. The ultrasound should be revealing. If not a ct scan may be needed. Best of luck.