What to do when it feels like something is lodged in my throat? Coughing for 10 days, runny nose, no infection-all mucus is clear from coughing and nose. Voice is harse.

Sinus infection. When a cold goes beyond 10 days, and the symptoms are getting worse, it may be from a sinus infection. See your family doctor. About 10% of the colds are complicated by a bacterial sinus infection.
After . After 2 weeks, you may want to look into other reasons for your laryngitis. There are number functional and anatomical problems that can cause prolonged laryngitis such as: - irritation from environmental allergies - otherwise silent reflux related changes, - vocal fold hemorrhage (broken blood vessels), - muscle tension dysphonia, - benign or malignant growths (especially if you are a smoker) these can be diagnosed via a laryngoscopic exam performed by an otolaryngologist otherwise known as an ear nose and throat doctor. If your laryngitis persists, you may want to have your doctor recommend a specialist who has the tools to complete a more thorough exam.