How can I heal my dry, rash-like nostril area? Hi - please help me out! I am a student trying to avoid the lengthy and costly process of seeing a dermatologist. I had a cold about 2 months ago, during which I was nearly constantly blowing my nose. The are

Vaseline or Vaniply. Apply vaseline or vaniply (free and clear brand) as often to affected area as possible. If that doesn't work after 2 weeks, consider getting rx for Protopic from pcp and using it twice daily x 2 weeks.
Sounds . Sounds like you have perinasal dermatitis. If you are going to use otc medications, i would probably recommend that you put Cortaid (hydrocortisone) on the area twice daily and then place a thin layer of polysporin on the area at bedtime. That will hopefully reduce the inflammation and possible bacteria in the area and improve the redness and scale. If that doesn't work after a week or so, consider seeing a dermatologist who can prescribe medications that are a bit stronger/more effective than what is available otc. I hope that helps!