Irregular periods for several months during past several years, but spotting today, want to have kids soon should I be worried? I'm 29 y/o overweight and african american. Cycle began in 7th grade and if I remember correctly my cycles where normal remain

You. You are an excellent historian with multiple and unrelated situatiions to be evaluated. See your doctor of course but I want to focus on your weight and whether or not you have been ovulating recently. There is a simple way for you to determine if you are ovulating fully or the process is incomplete. Buy an oral thermometer and take your temp in the morning when you first awaken not after you get up to the bathroom or after you let the dog out. If you forget these rules it harms the diagnosis do this from one period to the next. What you will find if you are ovulating is there will be two groupings of temperatures. The first will be lower on average than the second. Plot the temps on graph paper scaled in 1/10th of 1 degree. With a few excepitons the first group of temps will be in the range of 97.2 to 97.8 the higher group will range between 98.0 and 98.7 or more. This is old stuff used in the 1970s but nothing brings joy to a woman's soul like seeing the temp rise to the upper range and stay there for 16-18 days. 14 days is normal ovulation.....16-18 days is probable pegnancy. It made our paients feel clever to discover they were pregnant before we could tell by exam or pregnancy test. Google "basal body temp charts" have fun learning.