Could I be pregnant? My last period was on the 30th of december. About a week before my period this month, I got some brown discharge-a little red- very light that lasted about 3 days. My periods are usually very heavy, bad cramping, and sore breasts whic

Most . Most pregnancy tests are 97% accurate 5-6 weeks after your last normal period - so there's a 97% chance you are not pregnant. There is always a possibility that you are in the 3% where the test gives you a false negative. You can either take another home pregnancy test (2 negatives this far along is pretty much 99+% accurate) or you can call your doctor for a test in the office.

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Hiya since my last period I have had stomach cramping headaches an sore breasts not due on till two weeks am I preganant?

Take a test. It seems unlikely, since you have not even missed your period yet , and those symptoms you describe typically don't show up until after a missed period. However, the best way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test. Read more...

36 years old, tube tied 6 years ago my last period was very weird, no blood, light brown discharge no cramps no breast pain, its like nothing at all!

Mostly watch for now. You can't totally rule out pregnancy so a pregnancy test should be done however unlikely it seems to you. Periods can vary considerably or this may not even have been a true period (no ovulation). Lacking any other symptoms it is reasonable to wait and see what happens with your next period before doing anything further. Read more...