What is the recommended daily dose of fluoride for a child over three years of age?

Fluoride vitamins. 0.5mg is recommended dose of polyviflor for kids over 3.
That depends. That depends on many factors. Is there Fluoride in your water supply? How much? Does your child have good oral hygiene and diet? Have they had any cavities already? Are you talkingabout systemic or topical fluoride? Your child's pediatric dentist can guide you based on the answers to these questions.
Depends on local H2O. The Fluoride recommendations are based on the content in the local water supply, which varies considerably throughout the country. For areas with < 0.3 ppm in drinking water or kids never consuming local water in any form, the recommended dose is 0.5mg. For areas with 0.3-0.6ppm; 0.25mg. For areas with > .6ppm supplements are avoided. Problems of excess can occur if kids swallow Fluoride toothpaste.