Should I be worried about testicular torsion? My girlfriend sat on my scrotum earlier and my testicle was situated in an upward position above my leg and she forced it downward between my legs. After having intercourse an hour or so later my right testic

Torsion. Torsion is a concern due to the trauma however if your pain is gone, that is less likely. A hydrocele can happen as well which can cause discomfort. This is fluid around the testicle which also could be related to the trauma. This is a much less serious condition. Some ibuprofen, scrotal support may help. To definitively determine either one could be achieved with a quick ultrasound ordered by your doctor. I hope this helps.

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I got kicked in my scrotum two weeks ago. Today I am having on and off pain in my left testicle and it really hurts. Could it be testicular torsion?

Get care NOW! I don't know if trauma increases the risk of torsion. But you are right in the peak age group in whom torsion is the most common cause of unexplained testicular pain. Epididymitis due to gonorrhea or chlamydia could be a consideration, but only if at risk for STDs. See a doctor immediately; if it's torsion, you need surgery within a few hours in order to save the testicle.

If the testicle is moving by its self in the scrotum after a testicular torsion is that means it recovered?

See below. If you are not having testicular pain you don't have torsion. Were you diagnosed with torsion earlier? If you were you should have had surgery. Get examined by a doctor if you are making your own diagnosis.