My ear is plugged up. My sinuses are bad. Its my head, it feels crazy my nose is stuffed up runny sometimes. I'm worried about my ears

It . It is very common to feel your ears getting plugged up, crackling, popping or a slight pressure sensation with upper respiratory tract inflammation or infection, especially when the nose and sinuses are affected. The reason for the clogging in the ears usually stems from dysfunction of the tube that connects between the middle ear and the back of the nose. The eustachian tube ends in an area that is exposed to the dripping of mucous in the back of the nose. This may lead to inflammation of the lining of this tube and prevent proper equalization of pressure between the ear and the back of the nose. You may find a bit of relief by pinching your nose shut and gently blowing against your closed nose, also known as a valsalva maneuver. A short 1-3 day treatment with an over the counter nasal deongestant spray like afrin may be helpful (do not use for longer, it may be harmful) as well as a mucolytic agent like Mucinex (guaifenesin) or robitussin. If within a few days you find no relief from your symptoms or if your symptoms become worst despite the medication, it is highly recommended to seek medical attention.

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My left ear is plugged where I can't hear very good. I did have a head cold a week ago and this is what I have left. What to do what home remedy or drugstore cure for a plugged ear from a head cold or sinuses

Plugged . Plugged ears after a cold is very common. This may be due to swelling of the eustachian tube so that the ear cannot equalize pressure or from direct inflammation of the middle ear. If there is no active infection in the ear, then the best treatment is just waiting for it to recover. Some people may get benefit from over-the-counter decongestants. Your doctor may start a nasal steroid spray. There is no proof that these speed recovery. Unfortunately, symptoms can lst 2-3 months. If there is persistent fluid in the middle ear past that time, an ear tube may need to be placed. Read more...