My nine year old daughter is haveing bad lower back pain and her urine is like a brown color I have tried cranberry juice and water what else can I do cause her stomach is hurting now

See a doctor. She could have a UTI or more serious kidney problem. This is something that should not wait.
Your . Your daughter should see a doctor as soon as possible. Even though some studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice can help prevent urinary tract infections, once you have the infection, you need to be treated with antibiotics. Also, with her pain and her urine becoming brown, it is also important to rule out kidney disease such as a stone or nephritis. These need other treatments besides antibiotics. Especially since her symptoms are worsening, you should either call her doctor or take her to and er or urgent care for evaluation.

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Low urine output increased fluid intake no change cranberry juice brownish urine once. 3 days later water only brown again and back pain about an hour?

Doctor can evaluate. Brown urine means go to the doctor (brown coloring can be from blood cells breaking, muscle cells breaking, etc...). An evaluation is needed now, before things get worst. Tests will be done to find out why the urine is brown, why there is decreased urine output, and why there is back pain. Hopefully, there won't be permanent kidney damage. Read more...