Hi:what can I do to stop my toes from hurting, and clear up a fungal infection to them? I have a fungal infection on my toes, and peeling skin in between one toe. My toes hurt, even to wearing socks. My doctor said that the commen medication is very sever

If . If you have fungal infection between the toes (commonly known as tinea pedis), treatment with antifungal powders (available otc) combined with topical antifungal creams such as terbinafine cream can be helpful. They are well tolerated and help in most instances. If that doesn't help, consider a visit to a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment options. I hope that helps!
Topical meds/hygeine. Wear absorbant socks and let feet air out often. Powder in shoes may help. Dry thoroughly after bathing. Topical ant-fungal medication helps. If still a problem, see podiatrist.