I had normal period had sex then started bleeding again and is still going on, with fatigue, nausea and headaches I have always had a normal period that came every 28 days never had this before where I have a normal period and then 3 days later have sex t

Your . Your symptoms are significant and should be evaluated in a doctors office and not on line. Ectopic (usually tubal) pregnancy should still be ruled out as should an ovarian cyst. A sonogram may be helpful after a competant exam. The pregnancy test may be negative because all of the placental tissue has died but the miscarriage tissue could still cause bleeding and swelling and cause the tube to rupture it the tube is the site of the spontaneously aborted pregnancy. The pregnancy could have been in the uterus and some of the bleeding from the spontaneous miscarriage went backwards up and out of one or both tubes and the residue from the pregnancy could still be in the uterus please have an exam........Fjf retired.