If I have hbp 142/90 do I need meds. I hate meds. Can I fix it with good eating and exercise? I'm under 40, male, 140 cholesterol, 5'5 h, 159 w, no other medical problems

Healthy living. You may be able to control HBP with diet, exercise, weight loss and low salt. You need to be under doctor supervision. It is dangerous to do it by yourself. However: If you ever need medications: do not make any drama about it. It is not a big deal.
Doctors . Doctors tend to negotiate with patients in situations such as yours. It usually ends with a 3 month trial of dietary changes (ncluding decreasing salt/sodium) and exercise. After the trial you and your doctor can re-visit the issue and decide if medication is right for you. Be aware that high blood pressure, especially in combination with high cholesterol, can eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke;therefore this would be a good reason not to "hate meds". Best of luck.