What isa a small reversible defect invovling the apical anterior wall, that is consistant with possible ischemia this person did have open heart sugery in the past 6 yrs and has had some fainting spells and all over does not feel well, also takes blood pr

Concern. Suggests an area of low blood flow if the open heart surgery was coronary bypass, then a graft or additional vessel may be compromised/ or it could be old scar and confusing the picture worth a real diagnosis and cath depending on other personal history.
In . In order to determine the likelihood of a significant narrowing of a heart artery, nuclear scans are performed with exercise, or with injection of a chemical. There are technical factors which may interfere with the result and cause "false positive" findings. Therefore all results must be considered in the context of the individual patient & after discussion with your cardiologist. Especially in your case (after heart surgery) there may be mildly abnormal results that may not have important clinical implication. It may be a time to review your risk factor management with your cardiologist.