I have an infant that cannot hold down any fluids she has no fever or cough

? Virus. Try small frequent amounts of pedialye.if she continues to vomit and cannot keep anything down she may need intravenous fluids.watch for signs of dehydration--dry tongue,lethargy,v poor or no urine output.if these occur she needs I've fluids.
If . If she is well-appearing, alert, happy, but throwing up, you can try giving tiny sips of pedialyte to keep her hydrated. If she is acting ill, unable to keep any fluids down for 6 hours or more, or has green or bloody vomit, call her doctor or go to the emergency room. Another reason you should call your child's doctor immediately or go to the emergency room is if you see any signs of dehydration. These signs are: -dry mouth -few or no tears when crying -excessive fussiness -fewer than 3-4 wet diapers/day -no urination in 6-8 hours -sunken soft spot -dry, wrinkled or doughy skin -appears weak or limp -decreased alertness or increased sleepiness -rapid breathing or fast heart rate.