How do doctors test for coronary artery disease? I'm a man in my mid-twenties. Every couple of months, I experience a sharp, shooting pain in the area of my chest that covers my heart. The shooting pain only last for a minute or two, and then is alleviate

Talk to your MD. There are many tests that can be done. The best starting place is to talk with your doctor and be examined. The md will judge whether or not additional tests (i.e.. Stress test) are needed depending on your story, family history, risk factors, and exam.
The . The type of pain you describe is pleuritic in nature. However if you are still concerned, you can follow up with your doctor to have a stress test done. If the stress test is abnormal, then a cardiac catherization can be done. Your age alone would make CAD very unlikely, but not impossible. Additional things to screen for risk factors would include a cholesterol check, blood pressure check, as well as a thorough history and physical by your primary physician. Hope this helps.