Why does it hurt when I swallow? Woke up this morning and when drinking I noticed it hurts in the middle of my chest when I swallow, what could cause this, acid reflux maybe? I am 50 years old if this makes a difference

Hiatal hernia? It does not sound like reflux as this is normally associated with a burning sensation. You are probably experiencing muscle spasms in the ring of muscles around the esophagus just above the entrance to the stomach. You may also have a hiatal hernia when stomach lining works its way through that ring of muscles and into the esophagus. See a doctor this could be a tumor in the esophagus as well.
Acid . Acid reflux may present this way, however cardiac issues (angina, heart attack) can present this way as well. The short answer here is to schedule a visit with your primary care provider. A more detailed history, physical, and necesssary testing will need to be done in order to rule out any serious underlying issues. Best of luck.