Should I avoid cats while pregnant?

Cats . Cats get toxoplasmosis by eating raw meat. If you have cats 100% indoors it would be unlikely that you would be exposed. The only way you can be exposed is by contact/ingestion of spores in an affected cat's feces. So to avoid it, get someone else to change the litter box. If that is not feasible, use gloves when changing litter and be sure to wash your hands. You can't get from petting a cat.
Yes if possible. Esp out door cats as they can carry toxoplasmosis which would be very bad if your unborn child acquired it as it can cross the placenta, if u have house cats usually they do not have it as if u have cats u have to be tested to make sure you have not been exposed or you have had an old infection in the past in which case u can't shouldn't be able to get it and u can have your cats tested by vet.
No. One of the most common questions i get at the new-ob visit is "does my husband need to empty the litter box now?" what's surprising is that toxoplasmosis, the parasite that can be carried by cats, is more often acquired in our country by gardening! the best way to be reassured is to simply screen your cats for "toxo" with your vet before your pregnancy.