Numbness in hands, feet with odd sensations of pain and feel extremely cold I have had numerous symptoms starting with my bladder and needing to constantly urinate. This started on august those symptoms have somewhat subsided and now I have numbness in ha

This . This is a very concerning state. First, have you changed or started any medications lateley? Have you had any other symptoms, like fevers, chills, having the light bother your eyes, or a stiff neck? It sounds like either myelopathy (spinal cord dysfunction), a mild meningitis (inflammation or infection of the covering of the nervous system), or neuropathy (nerve dysfunction) and you should probably have an MRI of your cervical spine (the spine in your neck) and brain. If those are normal, you should have a very thorough evaluation by your neurologist, as there are a number of conditions that can cause those symptoms. This is not a condition i would move slowly on. Best of luck, i would also (given the serious nature of your symptoms) consider looking into seeing a neurologist or neurosurgeon at a major teaching hospital in a major city to make sure you get the most advanced care available.
The . The fatigue, visual problems, frequent urination, photosensitivity and probably some degree of vertigo suggest a systemic origin of your symptoms. The diagnostic possibilities are quite extensive and a close look at your case with a full review of systems is needed for a comprehensive assessment of your case. The first two things that come to my mind include diabetes and hypothyroidism. I would expect your primary care doctor to have picked up on that. Best of luck!