Should you go ahead and get the h1n1 vaccine for your child if they have alpha beta thalassemia minor?

Yes. Thalassemia minor is not a problem with any of the routine childhood or adult vaccinations. The vaccine benefits, and any uncommon side effects, should be the same in normal people as in thalassemia carriers.
Yes. The flu vaccine is very important and as long as your child is over 6 months they should receive it. Children with chronic diseases may receive the inactivated (not live) vaccine, but it is still important to get the vaccine as they are more susceptible to contracting the illness. Getting vaccinated also helps protect the most vulnerable- babies not old enough to be vaccinated and the elderly.

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My husband have e trait and I've beta thalassemia minor. We have 1 child so where we'll go a child specialist or a hematology? When we'll test our baby?

Pediatri Hematology. If you need a specialist go to a pediatric hematologist or you can consult babies pediatrician as testing can be done by anybody and if the test is abnormal can be referred to a pediatric hematologist. Read more...