Can a untreated bakers cyst cause a torn meniscus injuried by twisting/stumbling at work. Er visit with MRI showed bakers cyst, went back to work and had constant pain, difficulty squatting kneeling had cortisone injection, worked for short time, back to

Tear causes cyst. The internally injured knee protects itself by increasing the lubricating fluid production. The fluid created from an injury or cartilage wear when significant, can leak out the back of the knee and take up space between the calf and hamstring muscles making the area full or swollen. This can lead to posterior pain, decreased motion. Treat internal problem to stop the fluid production.
The . The torn meniscus came first. An MRI is an excellent tool but is not perfect. If the baker's cyst was present so did the meniscal injury. A meniscal tear causes the baker's cyst. The collagen fibers of the meniscus are arranged in a parallel arrangement and a tear creates a communication with the capsule and serves as a one way valve to create the cyst.