What would happen if I stopped taking fentanyl patch I have been taking it for 5 years 50mcg I take it for pain it makes me feel bad my doc says you take what I give you how can I stop and not die or feel like I am dieing please help thank you

Weaning off drugs. Stopping the patch "cold turkey" is not something i would recommend for you. The effects are distinctly unpleasant. I would suggest asking your provider to wean the dose of your medication slowly. If they won't do it i suggest getting a second opinion.
If . If you want to stop this medication, you must wean off of it slowly under the watch of a doctor to avoid withdrawal symptoms. If you are finding that the doctor you are currently seeing is unhelpful in this regard, then you might want to seek out a pain specialist. A pain specialist usually has a background in anestheisa and special training to treat people with chronic pain. Good luck!