My husband has a terriable taste in his mouth that brushing or mouthwash does not help he is 77years old and doesnot have many health issues, he does not smoke or drink alcohol. This is affecting his appitite also. Thank you for taking my question.

The. The best thing to do in this situation is for your husband to see a dentist. He may be dealing with dental caries (cavities), gum disease (gingivitis) or even an abscess in his mouth. These conditions may cause the terrible taste in his mouth. If a dentist clears him then he should see his internist or family doctor. Best of luck.
See your dentist! These kinds of things are best addressed by your dentist, as he/she can more accurately assess your husband's situation. There are many things that can contribute to bad breath (often periodontal disease), but your dentist should be able to help! Good luck.