Should I have exploratory surgery on my abdomen? I have been dealing with stomach and/or intestinal issues for a couple of years now. I have had many tests such as, endoscopy, colonoscopy, xrays, ct's, tons of blood work, gall bladder scan and stomach emp

First . First of all you need a surgeon who is willing to do an ex lap surgery. The only thing i think they may find is possible scar tissue and honestly I am not sure this would cause all of your symptoms. It sounds like you may be dealing with ibs (irritable bowel syndrome), however the vomiting is not characteristic. Have you or were you ever exposed to any chemicals or lived near an industrial plant? Is it possible that you are ingesting a substance that you are unaware of? Consider your surroundings and everything you take in. Is anything different in your life since this all started? If you think of anything discuss this with your doctors; every bit of information may be helpful in solving this puzzle. I hope you find answers soon.
Probably, no. It will be difficult to find a surgeon (a good one at least) that will simply explore your abdomen with no clear indication, especially if you have never had a prior operation. There is unlikely anything they would find that they wouldn't be able to first demonstrate with a good imaging study. If you haven't already (but it sounds like you have) see a gastroenterologist.