My sister has her third brain tumor. Sarcoma! Will the cancer wafer work for her as an aggressive form of chemo? She can't have anymore radiation. What more can we do? This cancer baffles her doctors because it has not been seen on the brain before.

Clinical trials. This is a very difficult situation. It sounds like she has a recurrence of gliosarcoma. The Gliadel wafer (carmustine) is an option, but there are certainly risks with surgery to implant the wafers. There are new clinical trials for recurrent tumors with vaccines, electric field therapy (novocure), additional chemotherapeutic agents. A lot depends on what has been done so far. Check with your neurooncologist.
I . I am sorry to hear about your sister's recurrence. I need more information to answer your question completely. Gliadel is the currently available chemotherapy wafer and it is used only for a specific type of primary brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme (gbm). It is placed within the cavity left in the brain after the tumor is surgically removed and it only adds a marginal benefit for patients. If she previously had gbm or another type of glioma and now has suffered a recurrence that has a gliosarcomatous component, Gliadel could be considered, but i doubt it would be worth doing another operation to put the wafers in if the recurrence has already been taken out. Although it is unusual, sarcomas which started in other places in the body can spread to the brain. Usually these brain metastases are treated with either surgery, radiation or both. You also say that she cannot have more radiation. This is not always true. Radiation oncology doctors with specialization in stereotactic radiosurgery can often time treat areas in the brain even if a patient has had prior brain radiation. I wish you and your sister the best.