I had a zit that I popped on my lip. Could it be herpes? Its red, and had puss

See a doctor. See pcp.
It . It is certainly possible if you have been exposed to someone who has herpes. Herpes infections of the lip often start as little bumps that mimic acne and seem to ooze a fluid and then crust over after a few days. Take a look at the link below to see if the picture looks similar to what you are talking about. A dermatologist can perform a viral culture which can help determine whether it is herpes but the culture needs to be of an active lesion.

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Do I have herpes? I had oral and vaginal sex sunday then monday I noticed a red bump right on the edge of my lip. It was really sore (as most of my pimples have been since I went on birth control). I tried to pop it the other day and very little puss came

I . I would get checkeed for herpes. It my be nothing. But the location of the bump on the edge of the lip is a common location for herpes infection. It could be just a zit, but you never can tell. Herpes usually is painful and becomes ulcerated. Read more...
Possibly. If you are having unprotected sex, you may be at risk of developing herpes infection. You need to check with your physician for an evaluation, and be careful out there! Read more...