My child have fever and difficulty in breathing while sleeping. Should I just use a nasal spray and decongestant.?

No. Call your doctor asap or go to the er/call 911 anytime your child has 'difficulty breathing'. Trouble in breathing is dangerous and needs assessment asap. In addition, all cold medications are now restricted in kids. Whatever age your child is, clear with your doctor the use of any cold medications.
No. If your child is having fevers and difficulty breathing every night, and this is an ongoing thing, you need to see your pediatrician asap. If you are asking about a problem that's been going on for a couple of days, he probably has a mild viral illness. Give lots of liquids, a little tylenol (acetaminophen) for the fever, and if it persists, see your pediatrician.

Related Questions

Would/can albuterol or duoneb be taken to help breathing even with a cold or flu and while using sterile saline solution for nasal spray?

Yes. The simple answer is yes. Stopping smoking will be very helpful as well.
Yes. Viral upper respiratory infections can often trigger the small airways in your lungs to constrict. Go ahead and try the albuterol. If it helps, you can continue. If it doesn't, you can move on to something different with advice from your doctor.
Yes. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing with wheezing, shortness of breath, and cough along with that cold/flu, then yes, it might help you a lot. It should not interact with the use of a sterile saline nasal spray either. And just have to note that smoking is definitely not going to make you feel better faster with this kind of illness.
Yes, sometimes. Albuterol and/or Duonebs can help relax the bronchioles (tubes in the lungs that carry air) and improve cough and wheezing. However, if you have never used them before, you will need to ask your doctor if you can take it. If you already use it, continue to do so. If it helps, well and good. But if it does not help or you need to use it more often than prescribed, that is concerning:call your doc.

What are some counter nasal spray decongestants u can use long term?

Decongestant spray. Do not use any over the counter decongestant nasal spray more than 3 days, they are very addictive and you can end up with worse symptoms than you have now. You can use a saline nasal wash ad lib, no problems with that. But you should really get a prescription nasal spray for long term use that does not carry the side effects of otc sprays, see your doctor.

I've taken Zofran, oral nasal decongestant, nasal spray (not Same ingredients) &.5 Ativan. Is this ok? I don't see any interactions with them online.

Lots of meds. While classic interactions are not described for above meds I still believe you may be able to get rid of few. I assume that you have nausea, nasal congestion and anxiety? Would start by suggesting to stop the nasal decongestant and tapering the Ativan, which is high risk and habit forming.

What decongestant, nasal spray and antibiotic should I take for mild ethmoid sinus disease?

Sinus disease. This is a complex question and it depends on the severity of your symptoms and if this is a chronic problem. Chronic sinusitis is best treated with saline nasal washes. You should see your doctor if this is an acute problem for proper treatment.

Is it safe to use a steriod nasal spray after taking a 2 day course of decongestant pills?

Steroid nasal. Sprays can help to decongest and reduce inflammation with enlarged turbinates in the nasal passage. They are not meant to be used long term, just like oxymetazoline (Afrin) sprays are not meant to be used for >2 days. I would not use steroid nasal spray for more than 2 days as well.

Can nasal spray decongestants alter sense of smell and taste? I have had a cold and now I can't smell or taste anything! My nose is no longer blocked.

Probably the cold. The sprays and decongestants usually do not have any effect on smell and taste. Its usually the cold virus that can cause inflammation in the upper nose leading to decreased sense of smell and then decreased taste. See an ENT doctor for an evaluation.