Help please I was tested positive for hvs2 but the blood test they did only requires them looking for the antibodies for either type one or two so it came back positive for type2! does this mean I have hsv2 or just the antibodies. I'm confused because as m

Herpes type 2 test. If the test detected the antibody, it's highly likely you are infected with the virus. The false positive rate for the test might not be zero, however, so it's possible there was an error. Additional testing can be done. Once a person is infected, the infection lasts lifelong, in most cases . Here's more: .
When . When you test positive for antibodies that means that you have been exposed to hsv (herpes simplex virus) type 2 in your case. This means that you are a carrier of the virus. There are individuals who carry the virus but never develop a herpes lesion, ever. Try to relax and if you ever experience a lesion there are treatment options available. The sooner you start treatment after a lesion presents the less time it will be there. Take care.