My 8yo will cry when I drop him off at school, is this separation anxiety?

Could be. A lot of children do have separation anxiety issues, and while 8 y/o is a little old to be having this issue, it can and does happen. However, by 8 y/o it may be necessary to investigate a little further as to why. If he is a slightly emotionally immature child, then fine, it's probably normal, but there could be issues with a teacher, or a bully, and he feels uneasy and anxious. Delve in and see.
More nurtured @ home. Part of the joy home is the sense of nurturing &freedom to be yourself that we all look forward to at the end of the day. An 8yo going to school leaves behind comfort & predictability & faces a peer group that may not be receptive & teachers that are more demanding. Some lable this sa & some school phobia.Assure yourself school conditions are ok, then be supportive but firm in requiring attendance.