How does physical therapy help lower back arthritis? I suffer from artritis in my lower back and my doctor wants me to go to physical therapy, I am concerned that I will pay for something that will do absolutly no good but the back pain has become incresi

SOME BENEFITS. Although part of goal is create less discomfort, the ultimate success should be gauged based on increased flexibility and strength which can prevent another episode of deterioration, and eventually protect you from acquired injuries secondary to trivial exertion. Have found the best rehab programs include mckenzie back exercises, but feldenkreis approach is also of value.
Physical therapy. Physical therapy is used to decrease pain with either passive (heat, ice, tens unit, ultrasound...) or active therapy (exercise, low-impact aerobic conditioning ...) the importance of physical therapy is that it needs to be individualized to your conditions.
Arthritis . Arthritis is the name for almost 16o types , depending on the type some therapies are better than others , for inflammatory arthrititis medications are very helpful and great advance has been accomplished. For degenarative types , a more conservative approach is done , medications for pain control the discomfort and other measures help. For types of arthritis , physical therapy improves the symptoms and patients feel better , people don t get cured by physical therapy although if the pain is related to muscle contraction or even radiculopathies , physical therapy may accomplishes relieve of symptoms and improvement of the complaints, so it depends on the type of arthritis you have and what do you expect to get from this therapy. You ought to ask your doctor all this questions.